Cassidy Parlane

Songwriter, Worship Leader, Author & Vocal Coach

With a soulful style all his own, vocalist and performer since the tender age of five, Cassidy possesses a God-given talent that never fails to reach the hearts of his audience. Being a recording artist has proven to be particularly rewarding for Parlane. Over Christmas of 2005, he recorded a single version of “Silent Night” which was played on a numerous radio stations in the GTA, receiving high rotation and requests throughout the Christmas holiday. In addition, the single was featured on one of Miami’s top Christian radio stations, which received a great response from the Floridian audience. The end result was a large number of requests for playback of the demo and many listeners demanding to know who this “mystery singer” is.

“Being OK at anything in life just doesn’t cut it for me… it has to be the best. I think God honors excellence, and wants us to do our very best, and nothing less” says Parlane.

Cassidy later became the lead singer of the Christian rock band “Havenstance” in 2010. Touring all over the United States has given him the privilege to impact many lives through his worship music-- particularly troubled youth. He has shared the stage with numerous Christian artists and bands including News Boys, Building 429, Audio Adrenalin, City Harmonic and many others.

Cassidy has recently released a new single entitled “All The Glory” which debuted in the spring of 2018.

Cassidy is married to his beautiful wife Daniela, is the father of Eden and Caleb and step-father of Daniel. He currently serves on the worship team of his local church and cherishes the privilege of conveying God’s unfailing love by spreading the joy of music. He boldly ministers the word of God through song in any given season. At local church communities, his singing has been hailed as moving, memorable and truly inspirational. Cassidy does strive for vocal excellence and often instills a similar attitude in those in his musical circle. A critic once noted that Cassidy “creates every lyric from the depth of his soul, which portrays and is indicative of a real life experience.” Indeed Cassidy is primarily concerned with speaking intently to the soul and hopes that the listener will be inspired by his music.

In addition to gospel singing, Parlane’s exploration of other styles such as jazz, blues and pop music has contributed to his extensive musicianship and appreciation for music as the ultimate vehicle for self-expression and connecting to the message.

In addition to his musical talents, Cassidy is a self-published co-author, with his wife, of the book “What Love Is Not”. His greatest ambition is to inspire others into relationship with Christ through Godly marriages. Right from day one, Cassidy has overcome many obstacles in life, which in the end have only strengthened his resolve for success.

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