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Curly Hair Whip $10

Do you have thick, curly, kinky or frizzy hair that is difficult to maintain or out of control? This Curly Hair Whip is the remedy! It contains just the right ingredients to smooth out and put the bounce back into those curls while locking in moisture and shine for days! This medley of oils penetrate into the shaft to deep condition and strengthen from root to tip. This formula is infused with healing essential lavender oil that repairs damage,   as well as the added bonus of its aromatherapeutic floral scent. 

Directions: Part wet hair into sections. Scoop desired amount (depending on length, around a quarter sized amount) into your palms and rub hands together. Massage through  hair and scalp from roots to tip until all parts of the hair is coated. Style as usual.

*Click on each individual ingredient below to learn more about their properties.

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