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Dry Hair Shampoo & Texturizer $10

Are you wanting to keep your hair fresh and voluminous between washes, without the guilt of adding toxic chemicals in your hair? What if I told you that an all natural solution is just a sprinkle away? This dry shampoo and texturizing powder will get the job done! It has all the right ingredients--including bentonite clay--to not only keep your hair clean, fend off harmful bacteria and absorb excess oils, but also adds volume and a soft lingering lavender scent!

Directions: Part hair around the crown area. Sparsely sprinkle powder to roots, rub into scalp with your fingers, brush and style as usual.

Caution: Powder contains pigmented ingredients that may stain light coloured clothing. 


*Available in Medium to Dark tones. Can be customized for lighter hair tones.

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