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The Coaches will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly use any information for The Coaches’ own benefit, without written permission of Clients. (The confidentiality statement shall be as confidential as the applicable provincial or federal laws allow.) Relationship with Make Your Marriage Great Again: THE CLIENTS HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE THAT THE COACHING/MENTORING RELATIONSHIP IS IN NO WAY TO BE CONSTRUED AS PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING OR ANY TYPE OF THERAPY. In the event The Clients need professional counseling or therapy, it is the responsibility of The Clients to seek a licensed professional. THE CLIENTS UNDERSTAND THAT COACHING SERVICES PROVIDED ARE ENTIRELY BASED ON BIBLICAL VALUES AND PRINCIPLES.

The Clients are advised that the purpose of this Marriage Diagnostic they are about to fill out, is intended to provide Coaches with clarity and deeper insights into their marital issues. This tool addresses spiritual root issues Clients may not be aware of or have even considered, as opposed to the surface "symptoms". The Marriage Diagnostic gives Coaches a "snap shot" into Clients' lives as well as a general background of information that will greatly help Coaches determine areas to tackle in a very time efficient manner. This procedure avoids invasiveness and countless hours of "hashing things out". 

It's important to understand that Clients' total transparency is vital to the coaching process. Progress is based on how much Clients put into it. It is necessary for Clients to be as open, vulnerable and objective as possible; this is KEY. What Clients fail to expose will not be dealt with, and will impact the results. Clients' level of commitment to the process, doing the work required and being accountable is directly correlated to the results they can expect to see. 

Marriage Diagnostic
Relationship with God
Relationship with parents
Relationship with in-laws
Check answers that apply:
Do you possess any objects tied to (a) religious affiliation(s)? Check off any that apply:
To the best of your recollection, check off any of the occult activities below you or a family member may have been involved in:
Check of any of the behaviours/struggles that apply to you:

Thanks for submitting!

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