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what love is not


A Premarital Handbook for Couples

How Not To Fail In a Marriage

A Perspective From Two People Who've Failed...and Tried Again

This book is geared for anyone who is single and looking to get into a relationship, someone who is courting, engaged, married, divorced, on the brink of divorce, or is daring to marry again.
If you are anywhere in that spectrum, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this book that may benefit you right where you are.
The objective of this book is to provide some simple biblical insights from different angles, from the perspective of two people who took a shot at marriage, did it their way, failed, and dared to try again—God’s way.
This couple deals with the most practical, nitty-gritty matters—right to the heart of the deepest spiritual issues that arise in relationships. They delve into the breakdown and complexity of true love, God’s purpose and design for marriage, understanding gender roles, right down to the dynamics of a thriving relationship. Read about their personal stories of restoration—how God used their failures and makes all things new!

If Selective Mutism Had a Voice (Kindle)

A True Compelling Story About My Struggle With a Severe Anxiety Disorder And How I Overcame it Through Christian Faith Principles And Practical Techniques

Are you tired of Selective Mutism dictating what you can and can’t do in your life?

Maybe you are sick and tired of feeling as though this debilitating disorder is in charge of you, and you are looking to wrestle back control.

Perhaps you are already aware of some of the tips and tricks that you can implement to limit how much Selective Mutism impacts your everyday life, but you are seeking a refresher on what they might be in one simple location for you to refer back every so often.

Maybe you are tired of listening to basic and unhelpful advice, given to you by people that don’t truly understand what you are going through as they have never had to experience it themselves?

Suffer no longer! If Selective Mutism Had a Voice is the perfect biographical guide to support you with essential information that has proven to help people overcome this debilitating disorder.

I should know, as I have suffered at the hands of this disorder myself. All of the tips and tricks that I have highlighted in this book are the ones that have helped me to overcome the paralyzing silence that can be experienced if this disorder is not tackled head-on.

Not only is this book packed with useful, tried and tested things that you can do to help combat Selective Mutism, but it also covers my very own story of how I managed to find hope in the most terrifying of circumstances.

I was able to find faith and identity in Christ in my time of need which offered me hope through applying timeless biblical principles. These principles helped revolutionize my perspective on anxiety, and this allowed me to progress step by step, day by day.

Inside If Selective Mutism Had a Voice, discover:

  • My intimate experiences of dealing with Selective Mutism as a young child and progressing into my adulthood

  • Some of the negative roadblocks that many people with this disorder experience

  • Common symptoms of someone dealing with Selective Mutism

  • The various techniques that have been tried and tested that you can use to improve how you handle this disorder

And much, much more!

Isn’t it time you took back control?

Grab a copy of If Selective Mutism Had a Voice today, and start taking charge of your life once more!



Love Intentionally Together (LIT) sparked from planning a monthly couples date night event. The symbolism represents igniting the passion of love as well as the power of the Holy Spirit in relationships. Join the movement to make marriages LIT again

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