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Petula LeBlanc

I absolutely LOVE the deodorant! I will no longer purchase it from the store again! It keeps me dry all day long!
The healing salve is amazing, especially on the kids' skin. Two of my kids had a rash and within two days after applying the healing salve, it cleared up completely!
As for the lip balm, it is AMAZING! It has healed my daughter's chapped lips and helps keep my lips very moist!

Amy Crevar

Love Daniela's Healing Salve!!! I used it on my son's eczema and it cleared up right away! It's very versatile--I even used it on my lips when they were super dry this winter. A little goes a long way! Would definitely recommend!

Shana Ernst

I love the tallow butter! I have tried many lotions on my desert legs with little success until I tried Daniela's whipped tallow butter. The first application made me say "WOW" to myself out loud! My legs had not looked so moisturized in a very long time. With continued applications, it's building up the youthful appearance, disappearing the maps of dry skin each itch creates. 
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